Why I chose to find out the sex of my baby

katie and the girls
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katie and the girls

Before I had children, my birthdays used to make me sick with anxiety, and it wasn’t due to the impending addition of a digit to my age (to prove this, I have recently been subconsciously rounding up my age to 35, and I’m 33, and I have no idea why)…it was because of presents.   

“What?!!!You don’t like presents??!”… I hear you say?

Let me clarify…..presents are wonderful, bloody great even, that is IF they are actually something I know about and have fully vetted first.

You might gather from this statement, that I don’t do well with surprises, and you might be right.

I’m a planner, I like to know what’s happening when, and all the contingences in between – if it doesn’t happen, when, where, how & why I expected.

So naturally, when pondering on a child filled future, I planned I would be having two kids, a boy first, and his name would be Chet, he would have dark hair and green eyes.Not much room for negotiating.

So eagerly at my 20 week scan I waited to get my first look at Chet, but being the cheeky “keep me on my toes” type of rambunctious boy he was, he turned out to be a girl.I’m not embarrassed to admit I cried, it’s not because I hate girls, but I because I was actually disappointed….for only about 35 minutes though, or until I started imagining what SHE might look like and who she might become.

I did however continue to ask my OB at each subsequent visit if SHE was still a girl.

Another 20 weeks to get my head around the idea of rearing a little lady, and working on my aversion to everything pink, meant I had plenty of time to actually get excited about her arrival.

So when I went into labour (nearly bang on my due date, giving me my first real sense of what type of person my little gal would be) I could NOT wait to meet HER!

I wasn’t going to meet a surprise baby that I hadn’t prepared myself for, I wouldn’t be disappointed because my imaginary boy child wasn’t arriving, I was not going to meet any old boy or girl….I was going to meet Addie!

And besides, surely Chet would be arriving next time around…I would read all the books, and forums on “how to have a boy”, time it all around my Chinese method days, eat guava or some such hard to find fruit, to prepare my uterus for a bouncy baby boy.

But it turns out you can’t crazy lady plan nature after all,…. I now have two beautiful girls…..sisters…. They have each other and I have it all, I could not be more thankful!

You never know, we might one day (after careful planning, and days spent searching dog adoption sites) happen upon a dark haired, green eyed four legged version of Chet to add to our family. Woof!

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