Why I suck at craft

Darling Rascals


In my head I’m a cross between Noni from Play School and Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls.



The reality is so far from that it’s not funny.

Each day I start groggy from a severe lack of sleep thanks to either the toddler who has taken to getting out of his bed and creeping the halls at all hours like a total weirdo, or an 8 month old who is constantly teething/in a wonder week/hating life.

The kids bound out of bed full of beans and are met with me, the grump. “You ti-wed mummy?”

Yes, I am.

I then tell them to be quiet, oh about 50 times. See, I am so not Noni from Play School.

At around 9am (oh yeah my kids get up at 6am) I attempt some sort of activity. It never ends well. One day I googled how to make play dough and I only had three of the ingredients needed, so I googled those ingredients, and came up with a salt dough.

Add food colouring and screaming at the kids not to mix the colours, and we were off.

I neglected to read the fine print…the poo coloured masterpieces (they mixed the colours) had to ‘cook’ in the oven for 4 hours, to set. 

It’s a bloody long time to ask a toddler and pre-schooler to wait for an end product.

This is how I do craft. 

Then there was the time I suggested we make sprinkle cookies…you can only imagine how badly that went. I’m still finding sprinkles under the fridge.

There was the green glitter paint disaster of 2014. Non-washable green glitter paint.

Glue. Do I need to say anymore?

But the other day I had an epiphany, when I was covered head to toe in sticky, poo coloured dough. The kids had the world’s biggest smiles on their faces.

Yes it wasn’t going exactly how I’d planned, but they were loving it, and after all, isn’t that all that matters?

Do you do craft?

salt dough

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