Why sleep never stops being an issue

eddie couch
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eddie couch

I’ve been reminded recently that sleep never ceases to be an issue, when young children are concerned.

Our 3.5 year old Gus has only started to sleep through the night again after a rocky few months, and now our 20 month old Eddie is giving us a run for our money.

I’ll be honest, Eddie has never been an amazing sleeper. He’s an early waker (5am most days) and pretty unreliable on his day sleeps (40 mins-2 hours) but at least that was something we could count on.

Then, a week ago, the day sleep stopped. Completely. He screamed like he was being prodded with a hot stick until I gave in and got him up, then he proceeded to fall asleep on the couch 2 minutes later.

The next day I let him scream a little longer, but the result was the same, this time, Eddie falling asleep in the high chair at dinner time.

The next 5 days were roughly the same, and with that, the nights started to literally go out of the window.

He was waking every 2 hours and taking at least 2 hours to settle.

During his awake time, he seemed perfectly fine. Happy, dancing, laughing. But as soon as I would place him into his cot, the screaming would start.

I talk as if it’s in the past tense, but it’s not. We are still living it. And with exactly a month until baby number 3 is due, I am starting to panic.

How will I cope with 2, maybe 3 children, waking for attention during the night? How do I not know how to fix this problem, when I should have answers by now? How is he not tired? Seriously?!

The only thing I can do, is to take each day as it comes, and remind myself that this is yet another phase that will pass. In the meantime, I am surviving on chocolate and coffee…and lots of it.

Did your 20 month old ever suffer a sleep regression? How did you cope?

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