Would you tell a loud talker to keep it down in a cafe?

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Everyone is talking about an article published in a major newspaper earlier this week…and no it’s not about Kochie.

The story goes that a couple were out for brunch on the weekend and encountered a rather noisy (aka high pitched screaming) toddler at the cafe they often frequented. Here’s a snippet (you can read the full story here);

“Is that a child crying?” my partner asked me with a concerned look on his face. I replied yes but thought to myself, this wasn’t normal crying. This was a piercing, shrill cry and sounded like the child was in pain. I glanced around and everyone in the café looked disturbed.

After around 10 minutes of continuous crying, my partner had clearly had enough. “It’s one thing for a baby to cry but this is ridiculous.” Thinking that he wanted to leave without eating, I began to gather my things. But he had other ideas. “No one has said anything to them, so I am.

“I’m sorry, but your child has not stopped crying since we got here,” he said. “Everyone in the café is upset by it. Can you either take your child for a walk or find another solution? This is my Sunday too.”

“Chill out mate”, came the father’s reply. My partner walked back to our table. A few minutes later, the mother and her child began walking towards the door. As they walked past us, she turned to my partner. “We are leaving and you are a despicable human being.”

Once outside the door she mouthed the words “f*** you.”

A few minutes later, the father walked past our table and stuck his finger up at us. By then, the entire café was watching on. I said to my partner that we should leave, now.”

So my question is this…would this couple have reacted the same way if the patrons were kid-free but were talking loudly or offensively?
My husband and I have been the parents of a screaming toddler in a cafe and it is extremely stressful. We usually shove our brekkie down quicker than you can say ‘terrible twos’ and leave, but there is unavoidably an element of noise, it comes with the territory of eating out with kids. 
I’ve also been a patron, kid-free, and been disturbed more than once by loud mouthed, foul talking patrons who don’t have kids with them, but I would say, are more offensive to my ears than a child screaming. 
The point I’m trying to make it that I believe parents often are seen as easy targets. People are quick to play judge, jury and executioner. 
Don’t parents have the same rights as everyone else to eat out? How much harm can 10 minutes of a toddler crying really do?
What are your thoughts?
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